Monday, August 4, 2008

Sectional Recap

This weekend's Charlottesville, VA Sectional was quite a success. This was Meg's first tournament as chairperson, and things went off without a hitch. Table count was down about 15, due to the competition of the concurrent Morganton, NC Sectional, which drew most of the southwestern Virginia players.

On Friday afternoon, after a few hours of setup and hospitality, Meg and I won the pair game with 68%. We split up in the evening-- I played with Chris Moll, former District 10 President and current member of the District 7 Board and National Appeals Committee, as well as a great player and a heck of a guy. We just missed the overalls. Meg played with the future Mrs. Chris, Tammy Pepper, and they also had a solid scratch.

Meg and I were fourth overall and fifth overall in the two Saturday pair games, and teaming with Chris and Tammy we won the evening Swiss event.

With C&T again on Sunday, we had a great start, a rocky middle, and a great finish to win the A/X Swiss. This made me #1 [26.72], Meg #2 [26.27], Chris #5 [14.82], and Tammy #6 [14.37] for masterpoint winners for the tournament (we sandwiched Marsha and David Platnick [22.18], who played very well all tournament). This was my first sectional win, Meg's first 20+ sectional, and Tammy's first 10+ sectional.

Chairing and setting up this tournament was good practice for our upcoming Regional in January-- the first this town's ever had. Meg and I are co-chairing, and we hope anyone reading this with some spare time that week considers making the trip!

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