Monday, August 18, 2008

Master Solvers' Club

The Bridge World is the premier magazine for serious bridge players. I would recommend a subscription to anyone with a keen interest in the game.

TBW's mainstay feature is the Master Solvers' Club. This feature has been copied by almost every other bridge magazine on the planet. There are seven bidding problems and one opening lead problem given to a panel of a few dozen of the world's top experts. Bridge World subscribers enter their choices online every month, and the very few who get a perfect score on all eight problems in a month get invited on the panel for an upcoming month. This can be a lot of fun as an email discussion between a group of friends. I used to have a lot of fun as a member of the S.O.Bs (Southern Oregon Bidders). Since moving to the East Coast, I haven't had the opportunity to be in a group like that, so I'd like to start one. If there are any other subscribers out there who would like to join me in this, please email me at McKenzie (at) DoubleSqueeze (dot) com.

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