Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hunt Valley: Tuesday Afternoon Hands

Mike and I placed 3rd overall (of 78) in the Tuesday Open Pairs. The event certainly was ours to win if we'd played perfectly. We ended up about 1¼ boards out of first place. There were an amazing amount of interesting hands. All problems matchpoints. What happened at the table will follow in the Comments.

(A) Q Q653 AJ43 AK84, red vs. white
LHO open 2S, pard passes, RHO lifts to 3S, and you?

(B) A2 AJ6532 A7 A83, all white
You open 1H. LHO overcalls 1S, pass, pass to you. Your call.

(C) A5 T5 KQJ4 T8753, red vs. white
Pard opens 1C, RHO overcalls 1H, you bid 2H (limit raise or better in clubs), and partner rebids 2NT. Pass, 3C, or 3NT? [A 1NT opening by partner is 14-16.]

(D1) J63 J973 AQ4 A93, all red.
Pard opens 1S. Your choices are 2C [game force], 1N [semi-forcing], or 2N [limit raise or better].

(D2) If you bid 1N, what are your rebids over partner's two-level rebids?


McKenzie said...

(A) I decided I couldn't quite force partner to the four-level hot against not. So I passed, and when partner (bless him) reopened with 4H, I passed. We were a couple of levels too low. Pard also made a conservative pass with his A43 AJ842 KT9 Q2. +710. Feel free to be harsh here--- which pass was worse?

(B) I reopened with a double. When lefty rebid 2S and CHO and RHO passed,I tried again with 3H. This was not popped by my righty who held T5 KQ987 QT3 J54! -100.

(C) I decided with my five-card support, nice side suit, and heart ten to help out, 3N should have play. And it would, at most tables... my RHO held Q Q86432 AT98 Q4, which seems like an auto-diamond lead. The diamond ten gives us time to take nine, but her actual heart lead found her partner with Ax. -200.

(D1) I bid a semi-forcing NT, sort of hoping to play it there. Mike rebid 2H, and now no matter how much I disliked my hand I had to bid game (4H). -200.

(D2) My plan was 2N over 2C or 2D, 4H over 2H, and 3S over 2S.

RoboJenny said...

A) x
B) As I mentioned on yesterday's comment, I reopen with a double when I can, as I will here.
C) pass, but some days I might give in to the temptation of game.
D) 2NT. While I would open this hand, my partners and I tend to open light so I wouldn't game force with a balanced 12 (with 2 unsupported points) like this. Still a limit raise though (I can't imagine any hand I'd open be any less than a limit raise as responder).

Ok answer reading time... Hey, looks like I might've done better this time. Hm. On the first hand, if partner's hand was in your seat, yeah I would agree with pass but I think he has an easy 3H over 2S. Your hand is even more perfect. It's huge and the ideal distribution. It makes me wonder what hand you'd be willing to t/o double over 3S on if a 16 count with perfect distribution wasn't enough (ok 2 pts are wasted but still). I think your pass is worse.

See you tonight and good luck this afternoon (or maybe not, if I could possibly drag you into the evening swiss with Scottie and me if you don't make it =p yes, I'm very nice).