Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hunt Valley: Monday Hands

Mike and I played in the Single-Session Knockouts. We did some bad things, and some good things, and a lot of neutral things. There wasn't a heck of a lot in the cards. It was a surprisingly boring set.

All hands IMPs. What happened at the table will appear in the Comments.

(A) A5 T943 AKQJ94 A, all white
In fourth chair, I opened 1D. Pard bid 1H. I pulled out an undiscussed 4D (one of our final agreements was "anything we haven't discussed, assume expert standard"), and he keycarded with 4S. I showed 0 or 3 (5C), and he bid 5H. We had also agreed that 5H is a signoff opposite zero and the queen ask opposite 3, "unless you've opened 2C or something." Do you pass 5H or bid 6H to show three without the queen?

(B) AKQJT3 AJ T3 A63, red vs. white
You to open. Your choices are 1S, a semi-wacky but not ridiculous 2NT, or an Acol 3NT (16-21, source of tricks with side stoppers).

(C) T5 AKT JT2 JT742, red vs. white
You pass in first chair. The auction continues: P (1C) 1D (1H) 1N (2H) P (P). Do you have a call?

(D) 6 AQ873 AT5 QT84, white vs. red
You open 1H, and partner splinters with 4D. You're up.

(E) KT63 J AQT843 A5, red vs. white
Pard opens a weak 2H in first chair. Righty passes, and you...?

(H1) JT8 A7 QJ3 KQT73, red vs. white
Righty opens a strong notrump and plays there. Your lead.

(H2) KJ954 865 K95 Q8, all white
RHO opens 1D. You overcall 1S (unless you're Brian Meyer). LHO cues 2S (LR+), RHO bids 2NT, and LHO lifts to 3NT. Your lead.


McKenzie said...

(A) I went on to 6H, and my RHO graciously declined to double with the AK of trumps. -50.

(B) I opened the prosaic 1S. Pard lifted to 2S. I made a Kokish GT of 2N, he showed no game interest with 3S, and I bid 4S. No game is cold. 3N is much better than 4S, even when pard had four spades. I made four on a favorable lead. +620.

(C) Mike held this hand. He said he really wanted to compete to 3D, but passed them in 2H. I think pass is definitely right. -110.

(D) I continued with 4NT (a cuebid in spades; 4S would have been the keycard ask), pard cued 5C, I cued back with 5D, he cued 5S, and I bid 6H. His hand was AT9xxx Kxxx x Ax. There were no foul splits in the majors, but no minor suit squeeze, so I made 6. +980. Pretty nice finding a good slam on 12 opposite 11, eh? Lose one. Grr.

(E) I passed. Pard's unfavorable preempt should be pretty good, but I didn't see game anywhere. Lefty balanced with a natural 2NT. I thought about cracking this, but let it sit. I was wrong about us not having a game... we made four notrump. +250.

(H1) I led the queen of clubs, asking for the drop of the jack. Pard complied from Jx, and we untangled our tricks. Sadly, there were only six to untangle. -90.

(H2) I tabled a spade and somewhat luckily found partner with Qx. We took four spades and the king of diamonds. +50.

RoboJenny said...

a) I vote 6H. I can't imagine an "or something" though and would only pass if I opened 2C.
b) With 2NT, won't it suck if you partner bids 3S with a 31(45)? I like 1S.
c) Yeah, I'll still go to 3D (using good/bad to show the bad hand if I have it available).
d) Yum. Sounds like 4S is kickback based on a). I'll cue 5D though, skipping over 4NT cue for spades and 5C cue for clubs, showing my lone ace but interest in slam.
e) I pass. I'm not even tempted by any other call.
h1) KC
h2) I lead a heart. Which one may depend on my agreements with partner.

Okay just read your "answers". Hm, looks like I didn't result too well. Oh well, I don't think I'd do anything differently next time.

Anonymous said...

A) Explain to me again why I am keycarding with zero keys opposite a non-2c opening partner? am I not going to open 2C with: A Xxxx AKQJxx Axx. (note capital X in hearts)

I can make 3NT opposite either rounded high honor. So, if I assume my hand is actually good enough to key card (you dont give pard's hand, inconveniently), I would 'ask' for the queen afterwards. When you deny it (5H), I am finished. and dont tell me you bid 6H to deny it. the queen might be what I need to bid 6H with confidence.

B) I open 3NT. I can take nine tricks opposite a little something and/or a favorable lead. Nothing else seems right.

C) seriously? I've shown a balanced 7/8-10 with round wastage. Partner has eyes.

D) pard hit 1/3 of my hand. if I can cue spades without implying a great hand, I do so. i need a club cue to move. Even then it might not be right.

E) if i have a lot of stuff in place (ogust, shortness asks, whatever), I *might* make a try. I cannot comfortably double anything for fear of not being able to beat a black suit.

F??? G??? where have thou gone?

H1) a high club. whatever I have to lead systemically - I would not personally lead the Queen with this holding...

H2) I lead a friggin spade. this shouldnt be too challenging, right? Fourth best or something like that? attitude if I must.

How'd we do, chief?i

Noble said...

(A) I'd pass (WTP?) When was the last time anyone bid 4d in this auction with 0 keycards?

(B) I'll go with the semiwacky 2NT; I can just see the heart/club lead coming in 3N when pard puts down xx Qxx J9xxx Qxx

(C) I don't like the 1N bid; I'd have bid 2d to get the support off my chest. I guess I will bid 3d now with much discomfort; I'd be shocked and awed if they arent in a real fit.

(D) See my previous 2 comments in other threads about playing 2-way splinters. This is a no brainer if playing that. Anyway I guess I would cuebid 5d in this auction and let partner use his judgement on slam.

(E) Mike gave me this problem and I passed, with much discomfort although he gave me the diamonds as AQxxxx not the actual hand.

(H1) Boring club honor.

(H2) Boring spade. We are trying to set this, right? There's no law that says partner can't have sAxx or sQxx.