Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hunt Valley: Tuesday Evening Hands

This was the wackiest set of hands I've played in years.

All problems matchpoints. What happened at the table will follow in the Comments.

(A) KJ963 A 9 986432, red vs. white
RHO passes. First of all, what's your action? I decided to open 1C. LHO bid 1D, pard bid 1NT, and RHO tabled 2H. What's your call here?

(B) AQ74 none KQT753 Q42 white vs. red
You open 1D in first chair. Lefty passes, partner bids 1S, and RHO butts in with 2H. You're up.

(C) 43 J72 AT43 T865, all red
LHO opens 1C. Pard doubles, and RHO bids 1H. I know I won't get a lot of support here, but let's say you bid 2D. (For those of you who disagree with 2D, would you bid if you could show the suit at the one level?) LHO now bids 3C, partner bids 3H, and righty passes. Your call.

(D) KQ9 A96 AJ754 K7, red vs. white
You open 1D (1N would have been 14-16). LHO overcalls 2C, which is raised to 3C on your right. What's your bid?

(E1) A9 T65 KJ8765 T4, white vs. red
Partner, in first seat, opens a 14-16 NT. Your choices are 2N (natural), 3N, or 2S (clubs or invite in diamonds). What's your guess?

(E2) Say you go the third route, and start with 2S. Pard bids 3C (does not accept an invitation in clubs), and you bid 3D, revealing your hand. Partner continues with 3H. You're up.

(F) 62 AJT8753 72 KJ, all white
Pard opens 1D in first chair. RHO bounces to 3C, and it's your call.

(G) AK6 J85 93 AKQ63, red vs. white
In second chair, pard opens a weak 2D. RHO comes in with 2S, and you bid 3N. This is passed around to righty, who viciously doubles. You can make a "content" pass, a "doubt" redouble, or a "pansy" pull.

(H) 8763 none A732 J6542, white vs. red
Pard opens 2S in first chair. Righty doubles. You can bid some number of spades, or stick in a lead director at the three level (by bidding one under the suit). You're up.


McKenzie said...

(A) I thought this was worth 2S. I looooove 6-5s. After LHO lifted to 3H, partner blasted to 4S! Righty passed, I passed, and lefty took out to 5H. Pard cracked this, and we took our 4 tricks for +300. (4S was going down one.)

(B) I decided to splinter with 4H. This may just be the IMPs player in me, but the thought of not being in game on this hand makes me a little ill. Single-dummy this is a poor (25-35%) game, and pard duly went down 1. -50.

(C) I figured partner would have to bid this way with a power hand with hearts, so I "raised" to 4H. He had Kxx of hearts and was looking for a club stopper. We ended up in 5D off one. -100.

(D) I stretched and made a takeout double. Mike gave me leeway for this sort of hand and bid only 3S on JT8652 Q5 T82 42. He certainly would've bid game at IMPs. Of course, I would've passed 3C at IMPs. The opening diamond lead got ruffed (!) so he had to go down one. -100.

(E) I invited in diamonds, and over 3H I raised to 4H. This didn't work out so hot opposite pard's 3343. He corrected to 5D. We got back to 'average' when, with KJ7 of hearts opposite my T65, I hooked LHO's Q432, righty winning A from A98, lost another trick, then ran a lot of diamonds at them. RHO pitched a heart, so I was able to take a second heart trick. +400. Next time I play with Mike, I'll know that sequences like (C) and (E) are cuebids, not suits.

(F) I bid 3H. LHO leapt to 5C. Pard passed, and I doubled. I led my top diamond into dummy's AKQTx. They for some reason didn't try to make it, so we went +100. Pard held K874 KQ62 9654 A.

(G) Mike held this. He stood his ground like a man, and went for a man's -200. My hand: T5 A4 KJT764 J62. Doubler held QJ987 K976 AQ85 none.

(H)I figured my choices were 4S, 5S, and 6S. I decided that I wouldn't be comfortable defending 5H, but I wouldn't know whether to defend 6H... and if I didn't know whether 6H was right, they probably wouldn't either, so I bid 5S. This got cracked for -300. The opponents can make all of FOUR hearts... we have a spade and two diamonds on defense. This was a top anyway. Nobody else preempted Mike's hand, and the rest of the field was -620.

RoboJenny said...

A) I'm starting out with a pass. If you're forcing me to open a club and go with the auction you had, then I'm going to good/bad to 3C.
B) I always overbid my hands in these situations. I'll go for 4H and get yelled at. Someday I need to learn not to do this.
C) Yes I disagree with 2D, and no I still wouldn't at the 1 level after righty bids. Now that you stuck me in the situation I'm in, I'd rebidding my suit to unencourage p because I hate my hand.
D) pass
E1) 2NT was good enough for me.
E2) 3S
F) pass, hope partner reopens with a double so I can bid my hearts.
G) pass (though there's nothing wrong with being a Pansy. Proud to have been a CMU/Pitt Pansy! (my college ultimate team))
H) 4S

And now to the answers... hm. looks ok. Seems like I seemed to guess what Mike had better than you did though (I have played with him before, but over 4 years ago. I guess I've played against him a lot too).

Noble said...

(A) pass initially; good/bad into 3c given the way your auction started, i dont like this though and wish i had passed so i could michaels over their bidding

(B) 4s
Aside: this shouldnt create a forcing auction since we could cue or splinter

(C) I'd have passed at the point where you bid 2d. If pard can't bid again then it's not our hand, and we're red. I wouldn't even bid a voluntary 1d, though I might if white. I know Mike's hand and I think he should have overcalled 1d since he was clearly strong enough to take 2 calls.

(D) Dbl
This is MPs and my opps are in a better spot (likely) than the field

(E1) I like inviting in diamonds, second choice blast 3NT

(E2) 3NT
I have a spade stop, wtp

(F) 3h, I think I was given Mike's hand here and I replicated his decision later.

(G) Doubt redouble

(H) If I am playing real fish then I would bid a natural 4h. Otherwise 4s.

David Banh said...

(A) Don't see the logic of bidding such a weak hand so strongly unfavorable in matchpoints. If I was opening, I'd open 1S, but I think I'll just let the sleeping dog lie.

(B) 3H, 3S and 4H all seem reasonable. Partner has a right to be aggressive too, in which case, she might bid 4 over the various 3 bids only with the right hands. If 3H isn't game forcing, I'm picking that one. If it is (and thus stronger than 4H), I'll probably bid 4H. 3S is just a tad too wimpy with the heart void, I guess.

(C) 4D. I bid my hand and a little more already. It's time to get out.

(D) X is takeout, right?

(E1) 2S, bids that perfectly describe your hand shouldn't be ignored.

(E2) 4H, I guess. Partner did not accept a club invite, so he could conceivably have as bad as xx in clubs, which makes 4H a pretty spot and 3N an awful spot. Or Qx or Jx or Jxx or even Kx. The last might make 4H a bad spot too, but he accepted a game try, so let's play game.

(F) 4H
(G) I'm just gonna pass. 3NX scores well in MPs and if not its just a board.
(H) Axxx is just too little for 3D, it only should win when partner has a stiff. So, 4S. Probably eliciting a 5H bid at some point. What's your bid of 4H?

David Banh said...
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