Monday, August 18, 2008

Hunt Valley Weekend KO: Second Session

After skating through the first session, we came into another three-way. We had a repeat from the first ring (the MABC allows playbacks at any time. I think this is a poor idea) and our old friends Cheech and Chong.

First quarter, vs. Cheech and Chong:

(A) Q KJ864 J532 AK7, all red
RHO opens 1D. You overcall a heart, lefty passes, and pard advances with a forcing 1S. Pass on your right. You bid 1NT (do you?) and pard bids 2D. What's your call?

(B) 62 73 KT942 T854, all red
Pard opens 2NT (good 19-awful 22). Do you have a bid?

After six boards, we held the commanding lead of 11-10.

Second quarter, vs. Cranky Old People:

(C) 9754 AJ96 KQ9 AK, all red
LHO passes, pard passes, and RHO opens 1S. Green? Red? Else?

(D) KQJ763 5 K J9652, white vs. red
RHO opens 2H. You overcall 2S. Lefty bids 3D, pard cues 4D, righty passes, you bid 4S (do you?), and lefty bids what he probably should have the last time, 5D, pass, pass. You're up.

After six, we were up 14-3.

Third quarter, vs. C+C:

(E) J 432 AK73 KT752, white vs. red
Partner opens 1C in first chair, and RHO comes in with 1H. You cue 2H to show an invite or better in clubs, which pard pulls to 2NT. Pass, 3C, or 3N?

This was a very quiet set. Our teammates bid to a good game and went down on a ruff while C and C stopped in 2S making 3 for the only swing. We lost 12-18.

Fourth quarter, vs. COP:

I screwed up this hand mightily:

KT7 QJT87532 none 72, all white

Pard opened 1D, I responded 1H, she bounced to 2N, I bid 4H, and she passed. RHO came out of the bushes and doubled! I forgot to redouble, and when LHO led a low spade and dummy came down as

A95 A4 QJ96 AK93,

I also failed to pick up Kx of hearts onside... what should have been +1480 and win 14 was turned into a sad +790 and win 7.

We didn't need the seven imps. It got ugly... we won the match 41-8. On to the semis! We drew... you guessed it... Cheech again. Grr.

I'll post what happened at the table in the Comments. Please feel free to leave your own thoughts about these hands!


McKenzie said...

(A) I wasn't sure if 2D was natural or a cuebid. I decided that whatever it was, I probably had a 3NT call... Pard corrected to 4H and I bought a nice 5305 for +620 and a push.

(B) Well, if diamonds don't come home, I don't think we're making even 2NT. So I pushed to 3NT. Diamonds didn't come home, and pard took the seven tricks to which she was entitled. -200, and lose 8 to 2H making 3 at the other table. Pard was 3523.

(C) Who needs stoppers? 1NT, baby! LHO overcompeted to 3C, but neither of us could hit it. +300 and win 11. At the other table, UK opened 3C in first chair, pass, pass, 3NT, down two.

(D) Pass is forcing here, vulnerability be damned. So there's a free cuebid of 5H available. Pard shouldn't take you too seriously-- you didn't cue 4H at your last turn. Pard bid 5S, and with the help from a revoke on each side of me, I lost only one of the two outstanding aces for +480 and win one.

There seems to be a theme here --- get in early! Delayed action gives the opponents way too much room to talk.

(E) Meg held this hand and very reasonably lifted to 3N. I think it should be automatic vulnerable, but it's close nonvul. I held AKQ7 K987 J2 J54 and went down two for a push.

Noble said...

(A) 3c to show where my values are.

(B) 3NT, auto.

(C) Pass; partner is a PH so I don't see where this is going except for +x00 from defending.

(D) 5s, how could I not bid at favorable with this hand if partner didn't double

(E) 3c but I wouldn't criticize any of the other possible calls

Noble said...

(E) ...Except maybe pass; I might criticize that. Seems like if youre going to play in notrump you might as well try for the game bonus