Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Be The Judge II: Boston NABC (Part Two)

Here's the second You Be The Judge hand from Boston:

Hand 2:


IMPs, all red

North dealt and passed. East passed, and South opened 1D. Here's the total auction:



Here's your questions:

(A) What is West's percentage of the blame for these ten lost IMPs?

(B) What was the worst action taken?

Once again, if we get enough responses, a fabulous prize* will go to the jurist that comes closest to the consensus.

Let's get those votes in!

*Prize is not even moderately fabulous.


Shaz said...

I *really* dislike 3H. I find that's the worst call in the entire sequence and I think that west should bid 1S (unless EW play equal level conversions as non-forcing which I do not play so I don't know how that works but I guess in that case bid 2S instead). As it is though, I'd say this is about 60% west's fault for 3H which puts east in an awkward situation and 40% east's fault for passing 3H. Assuming 3H shows 18+, east should probably bid game despite the dubious fit situation.

Collins said...

East is in a tough spot after the original double but after 3H he has a max for what has gone before so at teams he has to bid the game.

Blame: 0% West
Worst call East's pass of 3H

Noble said...

This is a tricky hand. I personally don't think 1s is 100% forcing, and as East I would pass with x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx. I don't like 3h because I think it's a little too conservative here (shows 19-21ish). I would cuebid 2d with the West hand to force another bid and see where the auction goes from there. East will certainly bid game facing 21+ points, so the only remaining question would be whether they get to 3NT, 4h, or 4s.

I assign 80% blame to East for passing 3h (I would raise to 4) and 20% blame to West for the slight underbid of 3h.

warren said...

As an intermediate, 3 hearts seems right to me.

East has 7 more points than promised. Ok, 1H will often have been 4, but in that case, why not bid 3NT? Surely this shows extras, but not overly long hearts? (Or does this show a diamond stop?)

In any case, as east, I'm not passing 3 hearts.

Noble said...

Being the first one to volunteer notrump in any situation where the opponents have bid one suit shows a stopper in their suit. In some positions it's more important to actually *have* a stopper than in others. This is such a situation IMO (an example of one where you dont really need one is open-overcall-pass-1NT)

Unknown said...

I like 1h by east, he/she is in a very tough spot and hs shown something in the hearts which may or not be helpful.
I dislike the 3h bid, even though it does show 18 hcp it may be too high opposite a total bust.
Although 1SP is showing 18 plus HCP
it is not forcing,However it does not need to be forcing it just needs to show what it is, 18 plus and a 5 card spade suit.
I would have like to see the auction go like this, 1d x pass 1h pass 1sp pass 2sp pass 4sp, however given the auction as it went i would aportion 80% of the blame to east for not bidding game on what they know to be a combined 17 count, it is taking to much of a position on the hand to believe there is no game on that combined holding.

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