Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A few bidding problems from the Boston NABC

Here are some problems I faced in the Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs playing with Mike Develin. All problems are at matchpoints.

(A) All white

LHO opens 3H, partner overcalls 3S, and RHO passes. What's your call?

(B) All white, matchpoints

Partner opens 1S. RHO overcalls 2H. What's your bid / plan?

(C) All white

LHO opens 1C, partner overcalls 1NT, and RHO passes. You can:

-bid 2H (transfer to spades)
-bid 2S (to show an invite with diamonds)
-bid 3C (weak transfer to diamonds)
-bid 2C (Stayman; pulling 2H to 2S shows an invitational hand with 5 spades)


McKenzie said...

(A) I decided to take the low road and pass. 3NT could work out, but it didn't feel right at the time. +140 was the limit on this particular board.

(B) I decided to bid up to 5D. This was very, very wrong.

(C) This is a really good hand for suit play. I decided to Stayman and pull to 2S (invitational) if partner bid 2H (or raise pard's 2S to game). Surprise, surprise-- he didn't have four hearts. Two diamonds was the top spot on the hand!

Noble said...

(A) 3NT, not really because I like my hand for game, but because we've already bid for 9 tricks and I think notrump is more likely to make than spades. Hopefully CHO doesn't bid 4s.

(B) This is a tough one. I'll bid 5d because I think this may convince LHO to bid 5h. I don't like the fact that I'm precluding us from playing in 4s.

(C) Stayman then 2s over 2h. This is a great hand for Keri if we were playing that -- I could invite in spades and still get out in 3d if partner doesn't have spade support.

warren said...

As an intermediate:

A) I like pass here.
B) 5 diamonds and pray.
C) I had 3C, but now that I see that we can pass partner's 2 diamond bid over stayman, that.

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