Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our New System

Meg and I have recently switched over to a version of Transfer Precision, with some success. I thought I'd give you folks quick rundown on the system.

"Standard" Precision is a strong-club system with natural positive responses to 1C. With our version of Transfer Precision, we bid a strain other than what we have in order to have the stronger (and less defined) hand as declarer more often. Here's a quick rundown on our responses to the forcing 1C opening:

1C (16+HCP if unbalanced, 17+ if balanced; any shape)

  • 1D = 0-7 HCP or 8+ with a 4441 shape (any singleton)
  • 1H = 8+ HCP, 5+ spades
  • 1S = 8+ HCP, 5+ hearts
  • 1NT = 8+ HCP, 5+ clubs
  • 2C = 8+ HCP, 5+ diamonds
  • 2D = 8-13 HCP, balanced
  • 2H, 2S, 3C, 3D = 4-6 HCP, six-card suit
All of these positive responses can be made on less than 8 HCP with a good enough reason. I'd certainly show a positive hand with




Over partner's transfer positive, opener can bid the suit shown to show a fit and start a (short - for now) series of asking bids. Here's an example of our asks at work:



1C - 2C;
2D - 3H;
3S - 4C;
4N - 5H;
7D - P.

1C = 16+, artificial
2C = 5+ diamonds, 8+ HCP (game force)
2D = Tell me more!
3H (sixth step)= Six-card suit with one of the top three honors
3S = Tell me more!
4D (third step)= Three controls outside diamonds (A=2, K=1; this must be the ace of clubs and king of spades)
4NT = Keycard ask in diamonds (eventually we'll use 4H for this, but we haven't gotten around to discussing all the ramifications of this yet); opener doesn't yet know if responder's suit is Axxxxx or Qxxxxx
5H = Two keycards without the queen of diamonds
7D = Six diamonds plus AK of the other three suits is twelve tricks... if partner has club length I can get a club ruff for the 13th. With my club shortness it makes it more likely that he has length there. Well, here goes -- I hope he has 3+ clubs or a major-suit queen!

How would you and your partner get to this 29 HCP grand slam?


Noble said...

in symmetric relay (TOSR):

1c-3h (GF, 2164)
3s-4d (extra HCP, 5 controls)

worth noting that any (6421) pattern would show itself via a sequence ending in 3h so the identify of the suits doesn't matter with respect to finding the grand

Michael said...

Great to see that you guys are using transfer precision. That's the system Jon and I played at the Hunt Valley Regional (still do).

I'm sure you two play it far better than we do, but even in our relatively unskilled hands, it rocks.

We think it's far and away the best system we've either played or played against.

Good luck, and have fun with it.

Angel17 said...

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