Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: A Look Back

2008 was a very good year for me personally and professionally. I got married, improved my bridge play, took on some new students, and met a lot of fun, talented people all over the ACBL. I played in six Sectionals, ten Regionals, and two NABCs (sorry, Detroit-- I decided that I only wanted to do one frigid-weather Nationals this year). A lot of work has gone into planning our own Regional. My proudest accomplishment is, over the last 18 months, bringing a bright beginner well along her road to experthood.

Here's the places I went for bridge tournaments this year, and how I did at them:


Salem, OR Sectional: 13
Bermuda Regional: 59


Las Vegas Regional: 63


Toronto Regional: 23


Washington, DC Sectional: 8
Gatlinburg, TN Regional: 78


Medford, OR Regional: 17
Portland, OR Sectional: 10
Raleigh, NC Regional: 29


Grants Pass, OR Sectional: 9
Reston, VA (Washington, DC) Regional: 38


Las Vegas NABC: 22


Charlottesville, VA Sectional: 26
Hunt Valley (Baltimore), MD Regional: 26


Seaside, OR Regional: 22


Virginia Beach, VA Regional: 57
Boston NABC: 19


Charlottesville, VA Sectional: 25

Looking back, this year marks the fewest Sectionals I've played in many years. I didn't quite make it to either of my annual goals for colored points-- 100 Silver and 10 Platinum (98 and 6, resspectively). Hopefully my 600ish will put me somewhere reasonable on the Top 500 list. I'm hoping to make it in the top 300.

So here's to as fun of a 2009, starting with the Charlottesville Regional!


warren said...

Congrats, and best of luck in 2009.

Angel17 said...

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