Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hands from the Open Board-A-Match in Boston

I played the Victor Mitchell Open Board-A-Match Teams with Jenni Carmichael. We played a fun version of Transfer Precision (much like Meg and I play, with a few tweaks). Click here to read my earlier post on this event, written from Boston.

Here's a few more hands from the BAM:

(A) All red

Partner opens 1D (2 or more diamonds, 10-15 HCP), RHO passes, you bid 1H, and LHO jumps to 2S. This gets passed around to you. What's your call?

(B) Red vs. white

You open 1D (could be short, again...), partner bids 1H, you rebid 1S, and partner splinters with 4D! What's your call?


Kevin said...

a) double; showing support for the minors.
b) 4H cuebid, plan 5C cuebid as followup even if pard bids 4S.

Noble said...

(A) 3s "pick a game"
(B) 4h, will pass if partner bids 4s

Unknown said...

lol, I'm probably supposed to remember these hands, but they don't look even remotely familiar. *sigh*

Angel17 said...

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