Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Three-Month Checkup

It was three months ago today that we launched this site.

We originally thought this would be a nice place for our friends to keep up with our travels and a fun way to share hands. I figured that maybe 15-20 people would log on every once in a while, and maybe someone would give feedback once a week or so.

As it turned out, we've had an amazing 180+ comments from our readers! I'd like to thank all of our commenters - especially Noble, Jenny, MemphisMOJO, and Kevin.

As time went by, we found that it wasn't just our friends that were reading and commenting. Other bridge blogs were linking to us, and Google sent many folks our way. So far, we've had over 1,000 unique visitors to the site from 52 countries and 46* states!

All that being said, I'm sure we can make this a better site (while keeping it less than five hours work per week). Please let us know how we can make the site better or more useful.

We'll be at the Virginia Beach Regional next week, and at the Boston NABC at the end of the month. Please feel free to find us and let us know how to make this site more entertaining or more useful. If you won't be at either tournament, please comment here or send an email-- McKenzie or Meg at

One last big thanks to all of our readers!

*If you know a bridge player in Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, or New Hampshire, please send them a link to this site! We want to get all fifty states before the end of the year!


Kevin said...

Thanks for worthwhile reads -- that's what gets readers. I'm hoping that some of my frequent partners will agree to add some of the tools about which McKenzie has written to our bidding toolkits, and they will help us to greater success. [side effect -- they become DoubleSqueeze readers] Keep up the good work, both of you!.

Memphis MOJO said...

No, thank you for a quality blog!

Unknown said...

Hm , I would think you guys know at least three bridge players in South Dakota.
Small clue, gsjb, kb,tlw.