Friday, October 31, 2008

Coast-To-Coast Club Games

After the Seaside Regional, we played at a few club games in Oregon and Virginia. Here are a few problems from those games.

All problems matchpoints. Check the Comments section for what happened at the table and what others would have done.

(A) All white

J8762 AT5 6542 8

RHO opens 2H, and the opponents are silent thereafter. You pass, and partner balances with 2S. Your call.

(B) White vs. red

AK 73 AKQ76 AJT6

You open a strong 2C. Pard bids 2D [artificial; no aces, at most one king]. You rebid 2NT. Pard Staymans, you deny a major, and pard bids a Smolen 3H, showing five spades and four hearts. What's your bid?

(C) Red vs. white

T QT92 QJ985 K54

Partner opens a "good 14-17" 1NT, and RHO passes. What's your call?

(D) All red

K63 AKJT642 86 J

There are three passes to you. You open 1H (would you?) and LHO overcalls a natural (!) 1NT -- explained as 11-13 HCP, usually a heart stopper. Pard doubles, and RHO bids 2H (transfer to spades). You're up.


McKenzie said...

(A) I gave a timid raise to 3S. Looking back, it's probably worth cuebidding 3H. Pard played 3S well for +170 and a next to top. Bidding game would've brought in another half a matchpoint.

(B) I decided that the hand would play better in spades than notrump. I bid a slam-negative 4S (rather than a slam-positive 3S). I made six in my 2-5 fit for a top (I could have been held to 5). The most common result was 3NT down one. The next best score was +430, so even keeping to the double-dummy +450 would have been a top.

(C) I Staymanned, and over pard's 2D bid an invitational 2NT, which got lifted to 3. This was highly unsuccesful. Passing 1NT gets you +90 and an above-average board. For all the marbles you Stayman and pass 2D!

(D) This hand wasn't held by us. My RHO (yes, I was the 1NT bidder) bid only 3H and claimed he got jobbed by the "psychic" 1NT call [my hand: AJ 653 AT8 KT653], calling us unethical and telling us we should be ashamed of ourselves. But that's neither here nor there... this is just a polling question to see if 4H would be reached on the given auction. By the way-- 4H was a maker opposite any of the other three hands!

By the way, I would've opened either 2H or 3H in fourth chair.

Noble said...

(A) 3s
Shows less than an invite, but enough to give game an shot if pard has significant extras. That's what I've got.

(B) 3NT
Despite the temptation to bid 4s, I am still bidding 3NT at matchpoints due to the massive minor suit wastage. For all I know partner could have QJ10x of hearts.

(C) 2c
I fail to see what the problem is. Correcting 2d or 2s to 2NT, and boosting 2h to game.

(D) For once I can't decide. If I really believe LHO's has the bid as explained then I would bid just 3h at MPs, but I would always bid 3s at IMPs.