Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oregon Grinders: Day Three

We had a better day in the pairs on Wednesday-- a bit below average in the afternoon, and a solid 57.5% in the evening.

All problems matchpoints, of course.

(A) Red vs. white

QT98762 K643 9 A

Partner opens 1H (4+, usually 5+) in first seat. What's your bidding plan?

(B) Red vs. white

K2 AK8 876542 JT

Righty passes, and it's your call.

(C) White vs. red

74 3 875 AKQJ952

The auction goes (P) P (1N 15-17) to you. The cheapest you can bid clubs is 3C, and double is artificial. Do you bid?

(D) White vs. red

75 QT9742 84 KJ3

LHO opens 1C, partner overcalls 1S, and RHO passes. Do you have a call?

(E) White vs. red

AT872 K73 --- AJ965

You open 1C (our partnership agreement with 5-5 in the blacks), LHO overcalls 1D, and partner leaps majestically to 3NT. Do you pull?


McKenzie said...

(A) Paul held this hand and gave a limit raise in hearts. I'd suggest starting with 1S (or 2S with fit-showing jumps), planning on forcing in hearts. 3H made 5 at the table.

(B) I opened 1D, but wasn't too happy about it. Partner bid 1NT, and I pulled to 2D. Pard held (of course) 3316, but 2D was a maker with trumps 3-3 and 1NT had no chance.

(C) I bid 3C and took my seven tricks for -100. Sadly, a pass lets you reel off those same seven tricks against 1NT!

(D) I passed. LHO reopened with 2C, and pard jumped to 3S. I bid 3NT over that... they could have run seven diamond tricks against me, but on the club lead I had 15 tricks opposite pard's AQJxxx AKx x Axx with the spade king in opener's hand as expected. Give credit to my LHO--- his balancing decision worked out as poorly as possible, but he didn't get demoralized or angry.

(E) Paul held this and passed 3NT. I made 4 for a good score. I honestly don't know what's best here.

Meg said...

(A) I FSJ to 2S. I love this agreement. Over 3H, I want to bid 3S if it's forcing, but since I don't know, I'll cue 4C.

(B) Pass. Not interested. At our table, they opened 2D with this, and we ended up in the wrong contract, so good for them. Meh.

(C) I pass. They're red, and I'm on lead against NT, which we're essentially guaranteed to set. If they try to play a suit, then I come in with my clubs.

(D) 1N feels fine here.

(E) Meh. Partner knows I can be 5/5, and chose to forgo a shot at spades, so I'm going to trust him...

Noble said...

(A) 2n
Millionth example hand on this blog that would benefit from 2-tier splinters. Since I'm not playing them, my hand is too strong to splinter, so I'll make the one call that sets a force and shows heart support.

(B) 1d
I'm not going to feel better about passing, or bidding later

If they are red, i am happy, happy, happy to defend. Hopefully LHO will bid 3NT (I've seen this happen) which I would NOT double.

(D) Pass
Good hand for transfer advances or NF and non-constructive new suits.

(E) Pass
Just a guess, I'm not used to these methods. Would pass for sure if I had opened 1s and the same thing happened.