Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oregon Grinders: Day Five

Paul and I continued in the pairs for the fifth day in a row. I think everyone in the room was getting tired by Friday... there were some wacky things going on (like my RHO's 2C overcall of partner's 1C -- not alerted as natural, but passed by my LHO -- with 62 J653 AJ3 AKJ4; it was only down one when we couldn't figure out what the heck was happening). We certainly didn't do anything spectacular.

Here's a quick defensive problem:

Your LHO opens a 10-12 1NT, and your RHO bids a "gambling" 3NT. Partner leads an attitude four of clubs (attitude = low from interest), you play the king, and declarer follows with the deuce. What's your play to trick two?

I think it should be the king of hearts. Sure, you're going to play more clubs, but if you need to lead clubs twice from your side, partner needs to know how to get back to you. So if you cash the heart then lead the ten of clubs, partner can overtake declarer's card, lead a heart to the ace, and the seven of clubs through kills the contract. The whole hand:

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