Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quickie from Seaside Sunday Swiss

To my loyal readers: Yes, I know I'm bouncing around chronologically a lot, but we're currently traveling --  hopefully someday soon I'll have a few hours of free time to pound out the report you deserve from the Regional. 

So you hold:

53 986 A864 T632.

All red at IMPs, you pass in first seat. LHO passes, and partner opens a strong (good 14 to 17) notrump. This gets checked around to your LHO, who doubles, showing spades and another suit. Your RHO bids a 'pass or correct' 2C, which is pulled to 2D (showing diamonds and spades, of course). Partner now makes a takeout double. Here's the auction:

P (P) 1N (P);
P (X!) P (2C!) 
P (2D!) X (P)

What's your call?


McKenzie said...

Paul held this hand and made the decision to pass. I think it was the right call, but -380 didn't imp too well. 3C is a similar disaster - responder to the double had KQJxx of clubs. It turns out 2H is the winner.

Noble said...

I think it's an easy pass. You have 7 trumps and the guy who interfered was a passed hand. Even if they make, -180 is not such a bad score and you'd probably go for a number if you bid something.

Noble said...

er, 6 trumps

Unknown said...

Think you ,may have got your partners hand wrong .
10x, qxx a9x 1096xx
I know this only because i sat looking at the dummy while my rho played 1nt.
PS. we had a great time playing with you on the team.