Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Open Pairs

We came in second in the annual Klamath Falls Unit Fall Open Pairs on Sunday. The event was certainly ours to win... but I had a poor session. There were a few interersting boards. Try your hand at these problems. Please leave your answers and thoughts on the hands in the Comments!

All problems matchpoints. See the Comments for what happened at the table.

(A) All white

Y753 5 AJT2 Q854

LHO opens 1H, partner passes, and righty passes too. What's the lowest value for card Y with which you would double?

(B) Both vul

T3 AQ54 53 AKQ74

You're first up. 1NT would be good 14-17.

(C) All white

K J8762 K54 KJT6

In second seat, you pass (or do you?), LHO opens 1S, partner overcalls 2D, and RHO passes. What's your call? Your choices are 2H non-forcing, 2S limit raise in diamonds, 2N natural and invitational, 3D natural, or 3H fit-showing.


RoboJenny said...

A) My gut reaction is A (and K if it only had a spot beneath it). My table action is probably K. Reading the problem and thinking about it, I kind of think I should be willing to go lower. Q98x or QTxx theoretically seems enough in my head (which may have a few screws missing in the bridge logic compartment) but I guess given the 753 as the other spots, I can't see myself doing it on Qxxx. I can't wait to check back and see if others do though.

B) 1C. I'm willing to reverse on this hand. If partner responds 1D though, I don't think I'm willing to jump shift so I'd just bid 1H.

C) I don't pass in second seat. I know I should downgrade the singleton K, but I kind of like opening light. Given that I allegedly pass though, I bid 2H I think. Some of the other options seem intriguing, but somehow I can't seem myself actually bidding them at the table

Hm, I don't see your comments on the table results yet....

Noble said...

(A) Jack.
It's very important to compete at all white, matchpoints.

(B) 1c.
Planning to rebid 2c over 1s, or 1h over 1d.

(C) 2s
All of the other "options" seem pretty silly to me.

Noble said...

I agree with the second seat pass on (C). While technically min for rule of 20, actually quite submin considering the singleton King, jacks, and the fact that SPADES is our short suit so partner will open in 4th on borderline hands where we need him to open (because he has spades)

McKenzie said...

Ack! You east-coasters are too quick for me. Here's my thoughts.

(A) At the table, Y was the king, and I had no trouble doubling... but it got me thinking. At matchpoints, all white, I think my answer to this one is Y = Jack. But I could easily be convinced that Y = King is the best way to play it.

(B) I opened 1NT, but felt awful about it. Pard Staymaned with Axx xxxx Axx Txx, and we got to 4H making 5.

(C) I decided to take the low road and bid 2H. Pard rebid 3D, and I had another problem... I decided to pass. Pard made six for an 80% board.

Memphis MOJO said...

A. Queen. There are ways to win the board by passing if you have less (they may have missed a better spot, we might win it on defense, etc.).

B. 1C. Hate 1NT. Second choice is 1H.

C. 2S.