Monday, September 15, 2008

Instant Matchpoint Game, 9/11/08

The Instant Matchpoint Game was held Thursday. I played with my friend Marie. Meg also played (and won) - here's her writeup of the event. Marie and I didn't do so hot, but we had a good time.

(A) All white

J9 K7 JT87653 J7

Do you preempt in first chair?

(B) White vs. red

32 63 8762 KQ764

(P) 1S (P) ?

(C) White vs. red

AKJ AJT K9632 T6

(2S) P (3C*) ?


(D) White vs. red

A753 AJ76 A862 6

The opponents are silent. Partner opens 1C, you bid 1H, and partner bids 1S. What's your bid/plan?

(E) All white

AJ985 7 972 AJT3

Pard opens 1H. You bid 1S, and she rebids 1NT. What's your bid?

(F) Red vs. white

AQT2 875 K54 843

Pard opens 1H. What's your call?


McKenzie said...

(A) I didn't preempt, and was never quite able to catch up. Partner (reasaonably) didn't believe that I had a seven-card diamond suit and some playing strength!

(B) It seemed like partner was about to bid a whole lot of hearts, so I passed to try to stay out of trouble. Sadly, partner was about to rebid 2D! Oh well. +80.

(C) I came in with 3D, but could easily be convinced that pass is right. They set me two, but it was a very good score.

(D) Marie held this and jumped to 4S. Up in Buffalo, Danny Gerstman, in his 76.22% game (I fully expect them to win the overall), fourth-suit forced with 2D, and over his partner's 2H rebid 2S. Over this, partner rebid 4D (splinter), Danny bid 4H, and when partner could only bid 4S, he gave up.

Call me crazy, but I think 4S should be forcing! When I bid 1C then rebid 1S, I'll always be at least 4xx5. Then when I rebid 2H, my hand will ALWAYS be 4315 or 4306. So when I splinter with 4D having already shown a stiff diamond I have slam interest. And when I 4SF then bid 2S, I have slam interest also. So I reeeeally don't think that 4S can be passed on this auction unless you realize you've already overbid by an ace.

Danny argued that 2H could be 4225 with nothing special to say. Bullhonky, I say. 3C should be the bid with that hand.

(E) I decided to stretch a touch and invite (via 2C NMF). Pard rebid 2D, and in retrospect, I should have ended the auction with 2S. I actually rebid 2N, which got passed out and went down one.

(F) Another one I overbid on. I bid 1S and jumped to 3H. Looking back, I guess I should have just raised to 2H and accept any game try (or I should have bid aggressively on a hand where trumps weren't 5-0 offside).

RoboJenny said...

Lunchtime! Time to answer your post.

A) There was a time I preempted hands like these, but I don't anymore.

B) 1NT, assuming 2/1. pass otherwise

C) 3D

D) This looks like the hand Meg posted and splintered on. She wrote that she should've maybe gone for 4th suit gf. I kind of think I'd still end up splintering. If partner bids 4D or 4H I'll keep looking. If partner bids 4S I'll leave it be.

E) Hm. Somehow I think what I would do would come to me quicker with cards in my hand and bid cards on my table. Assuming I have a p who tends to raise on 3 card spade support with a hand it would make sense on, I think I pass. I think those are likely the only hands we have a chance on.

F) I love looking for 4-4 if I have the chance. I bid 1S. I will correct back to hearts if I need to later, and won't invite. If opps get in the way, I may or may not compete to 3H.

Checking results....

D) Was that through chatting with Danny or reading some source? Go Danny for doing well again! He had a 71.33% last year!

Wow, resulting, I did pretty well it seems. =p I should've played! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was through chatting with Dan's partner...some dude referred to as 'Buffy' on the other blog...

Noble said...

(A) 3d
I feel very very very strongly about not passing with hands like this. I'm OK with opening this just 2d and would do that at other colors.

(B) 1NT

(C) Double
I feel this leaves the most options open, including the chance for partner to pass for penalty.

(D) 2d, then spades.
I'm not taking any chances with an undiscussed 4c splinter which seems like the only reasonable alternative.

(E) Pass
Partner could have a singleton spade, so I don't want to sign off in 2s. Also this is a very frequently misdefended type of hand if partner has weak hearts -- often the opps will never figure it out.

(F) 2h (duh?)

Noble said...

re (F), if you bid 1s then you have to bid 3h next; 2h would be a gross underbid at that point

Anonymous said...

1) well, I did. the big DoG and I bid to 5D. nice result...average result, to be quite honest (not too hard to get there with an opening pass - harder with an opening 2D).

2) didnt play, i know the writeup. with a regular pard, i would bid 1NTF.

3) 3D - seems obvious with 3C being NF. LHO passed as dealer against me - RHO bid 1C. double. LHO bid 1S, pass, 2C to me. double. 2S pass pass to me - I am OUT....for a great result.

4) you already read about my results - the problem, really, was in the play. slam or no slam, taking 12 tricks was virtually all the marbles, anyway...

5) after I bid 1S, my lho (original PH) bid 2C, pass! pass to me. I passed. +250. Heh - we made 4C. I leave it to you to figure out the defense...

6) I dont remember this hand - I bid 2H, though.