Monday, September 15, 2008

Buffett Cup

The biennial Buffett Cup starts today in Louisville, KY. This is a 'challenge match' much like golf's Ryder Cup, which starts on Friday, also in Louisville. Europe and the USA have each sent six pairs to battle in a grueling (but friendly) set of matches. Scoring is done by board-a-match (hence the 'grueling'). There are three segments to the challenge match -- Pairs, Teams, and Individual.

The first Buffett Cup was played in Dublin, Ireland in 2006. The USA team was victorious. Europe led after the Pairs and Teams competitions, but in the Individual the Americans pulled out a last-minute win.

Every hand of this event will be broadcast on Bridge Base Online. Here's the schedule of the broadcasts.

This year's teams:


Sabine Auken and Marion Michielsen

Michel and Thomas Bessis

Boye Brogeland and Espen Lindqvist

Tom Hanlon and Hugh McGann

Tor Helness and Jan Peter Svendsen

Michal Kwiecien and Jacek Pszczola


Bob Hamman and Zia Mahmood

Geoff Hampson and Dick Freeman

Alan Sontag and David Berkowitz

Tobi Sokolow and Janice Seamon-Molson

Howard Weinstein and Steve Garner

Roy Welland and Bjorn Fallenius

Happy kibitzing!

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Kevin said...

Pszczola's partner is Michal Kwiecien.

First Bulletin is on-line at and explains why some players appear without their regular partners, among other things.