Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday Club Game: Klamath Falls

Tinker and I played the gthe Klamath Falls club the other day. We had a good time, with remarkably few mixups for a first-time partnership. We had a 61% game for first overall.

All problems matchpoints; click the word "Comments" at the end of the post to put in your two cents, see what we did at the table, and see what others would have done!

(A) White vs. red

53 K92 A84 T9853

RHO opens 1S. You pass, LHO raises to 2S, and partner bids 3H. Righty passes. Do you bid?

(B)  All white

KQ9 J8652 5 K976

You pass in first chair. LHO opens a 'could be short' 1D, passed around to you. You double, and pard advances with 1H. Should you raise to 2H with this?

Say you pass. LHO bids 2D, pass, pass, you now bid 2H, and lefty bids 3D, checked around to you again! What's your call here?

(C) Red vs. white

Q8 AT872 A8532 3

Your right-hand opponent passes in first seat, and it's your bid.

(D) White vs. red

86 Q94 AQT765 63

LHO opens 1S, pard passes, and RHO bids two non-game-forcing clubs. Do you have a call? Would it make a difference if it was a GF 2C call?


McKenzie said...

(A) Pard held this hand, and decided to raise to 4H. It wasn't the decision I would've made, but I'm glad he did--- I made five. My hand was Q94 AQJ653 KJ76 ---.

(B) I didn't raise 1H to two, but I really should have.

When 3D came around to me, I figured that if we were beating this, pard would have hit it... so I ran to 3H. Down one, against their 130. Pard held (of course) 3343, and LHO held a twenty-one count (!!) with six diamonds. Silly me, when the opponents open a 'could be short' 1D I assume they're playing a big club system... but no. On the next hand they opened 1C -- no alert, no 'could be short'... Neither of them had a convention card, so I still have no idea what they were playing.

(C) Rule of twenty people and losing trick count people would open this in a flash... but the older I get, it seems that I have more Al Roth than Marty Bergen in me. I'd probably open this in first chair hot against not, certainly equal or favorable. But I like to have real values for second seat actions, especially unfavorable. So I passed, the opponents got to 3NT, and went down. Does this prove anything? Of course not.

Does position and vulnerability affect any of your one-level openings?

(D) I didn't bid, but would have if 2C had been game-forcing. I wasn't in the mood to compete for the partscore, but I would have been in the mood to suggest a sacrifice. But I was wrong again... LHO raised to 3C, all pass... we went +100 when we had +110 or +130 available to us in diamonds.

RoboJenny said...

Wow, I'm disagreeing with you a lot in your post and I haven't even read the comments yet!

A) I'm happy partner bid 3H, but I'm not even considering bidding.

B) There's a question to raise to 2H? Call me crazy, but I was thinking of raising to 3H actually (immediately). I can't imagine passing first round though. At the very least I bid 2H immediately

C) Eh, yeah I do open. 1H it'll be for me.

D) pass in both cases for me.

Reading comments....

"Does position and vulnerability affect any of your one-level openings?"

Of course! On the psychs. =p More seriously, I think almost everyone varies it in some way in 3rd seat nonvul at least, whether it's opening more 11 counts or opening 4 card majors more often, or whatever.

Noble said...

(A) Pass.
While this might be a raise red at IMPs when partner won't stretch to compete, this is white at MPs. We are allowed to put down some extra values in a partscore at MPs, especially one that may have been speculatively bid.

(B) 2h.
This is a maximum pass and you have enough hearts to guarantee LOTT safety. Besides I bet you'll have to compete to 2h anyway if you pass.

As for the table auction, I would bid 3h since both sides are white. Lots of ways to win. Also it's a Precision 1d so youre less likely to get doubled.

(C) 1h

(D) 2d
Leading is hard, so I like making lead-directing bids. I wouldn't do this with a partner that is going to think I have full opening values in either of these auctions.

Noble said...

re: (C), I'd be MORE likely to open this VUL than NV, because balancing at a higher level doesn't scare me as much NV as it does VUL

Meg said...

(A) We had the same auction at my table. I raised to 4H, which made.

(B) Since I'm a passed hand already, definitely. Pard should realize this is preemptive/competitive only.

(C) 1H. With 2 aces, I can't count on my pard to like his hand enough to open a 10 or 11 count in third chair, and with playing strength, I don't want this to get passed out.

(D) I think I'm bidding 2D in either case. I definitely want a diamond led to me.

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