Thursday, September 11, 2008

Instant Matchpoint Game

The ACBL holds its annual Instant Matchpoint game tonight. This is a very fun event. The (random) hands are analyzed by Larry Cohen, and each player in tonight's game will receive a booklet with the hands and analyses. This is an unusually scored event-- you're not matchpointed against the other players in your club, but against what Cohen thinks most people will be doing. You'll get your results directly after each hand. Section tops will earn a gold point, and other placings will be half red and half black. National winners will get a writeup in the ACBL Bulletin.

Meg and I are playing in this event tonight-- I'll be playing with my friend Marie (with whom I had a great time at the Raleigh, NC Regional this year) and Meg will be with a new (but very strong) partner. So we should have some fun hands to report for you tomorrow!

Follow this link to see if a club in your area is offering the Instant Matchpoint Game tonight.

Here's the results from last year's IMG.

Richard Pavlicek analyzed the deals for the IMG from 1987 to 2006. Here's a link to all twenty years of hands and analyses!

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Anonymous said...

we took most of these hands out behind the wood shed and laid the wood to them - daniel was awesome. the opponents were generous - very generous...curious what you believe to be the worst matchpointed board of the evening - I think one is a CLEAR standout...