Thursday, January 8, 2009

A few bidding problems

Here's a few bidding and lead problems to help get you warmed up for the Charlottesville Regional:

(A) IMPs, white vs. red

♠ A KT964 none ♣QJT7542

RHO passes, you open 1C (or do you?), LHO passes, and partner bids 1H. RHO passes to you. What's your call?

(B) Matchpoints, red vs. white

♠ KJ862 T92 AJ3 ♣J7

RHO opens 1H, you pass, LHO bids a forcing 1NT, partner sticks in a 2S (!) bid, and RHO passes. What's your bid?

(C) Matchpoints, red vs. white

♠ AJ95 42 97 ♣AT932

There are two passes to you.

(C1) Do you bid?

After you, the auction continues 1NT (15-17) on your left, pass, 2C on your right.

(C2) Your call.

(D) Matchpoints, white vs. red

♠42 AQJ73 A8642 ♣3

You open 1H. LHO jumps to 2S (weak). The next two players pass. Up to you.

(E) Matchpoints, white vs. red

♠A86 Q95 T842 ♣984

The opponents bid uncontested (1D - 1H - 1NT [11-14] - 3NT). What's your lead?


Meg said...

(A) In our system, I open 1H. The hand has the playing strength of a strong club opener... but only if we have a fit. So 1H it is, but I encourage strongly to game/slam over partner's support. Playing regular 2/1, 1C is my bid, and in this auction, I like a 4D splinter over 1H. It's just 10 HCP, but it's also just 4 losers. Definitely a game force when we have a fit, and I'm certainly interested in slam.

(B) Partner's not coming in without something interesting at these colors. I think an encouraging 3H is right, but I am a little concerned about duplicated values and lots of heart losers.

(C1) If I am bidding here, it's 2C, but I don't like that option. I'm sitting this one out.

(C2) I think a lead-directing double is in order here. I definitely want pard to lead a black suit, and I fear there's a better than 50% chance he'll lead a red suit if I don't suggest otherwise.

(D) Double. Pulling 3C to 3D. Pretty sure this doesn't show anything more than I've got.

(E) Spade 6 seems like the least unappealing of 13 unappealing choices. Playing attitude leads, pard won't necessarily expect length here, so I don't expect to block the suit.

Becker said...

A-i kind of like a 1 heart opening as well, but can't argue too much with 1 club considering. problem is that now we have to overstate our hand in some way since we can't stop short of game. i guess i like 4 clubs best...lying about strength again, but extra distribution.
B-ya, i like 3 hearts also...even slam is possible if lho has a bad heart raise and opener is weak...all partner needs is Axxxx x KQTx Axx. if partner bids 3 spades...i guess it's a style question but at these colors i'd guess to bid game with any of my regular partners.
C-would open 1 spade if in the mood...would double 2 clubs, especially if i had opened 1 spade.
D-i think i'd let them play though that may sound pretty wimpy.
E-i like the 9 of clubs at any form of the game partly because partner had a chance to overcall a spade. especially at matchpoints i'm nervous about any other lead costing us a trick.

Noble said...

(A) 4d, would be nice to be playing that 3d shows an invitational or very strong splinter so that this isn't the strongest bid available

(B) 3h, worth a limit raise

(C1) pass

(C2) pass

(D) Dbl, converting 3c to 3d doesnt show extras

(E) spade

lance said...

A) (yes, i open 1C) 4D and reluctantly accepting a 4H signoff, since further cuebids could get us too high opposite the wrong hand.

B) 3S on values and since i intend to bid it over the sure balance that's brewing on my left

C1) yes.
C2) assuming i opened 1S, double.

D) double and converting 3C to 3D.

E) S6.

Angel17 said...

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