Thursday, January 8, 2009

A few bidding problems

Here's a few bidding and lead problems to help get you warmed up for the Charlottesville Regional:

(A) IMPs, white vs. red

♠ A KT964 none ♣QJT7542

RHO passes, you open 1C (or do you?), LHO passes, and partner bids 1H. RHO passes to you. What's your call?

(B) Matchpoints, red vs. white

♠ KJ862 T92 AJ3 ♣J7

RHO opens 1H, you pass, LHO bids a forcing 1NT, partner sticks in a 2S (!) bid, and RHO passes. What's your bid?

(C) Matchpoints, red vs. white

♠ AJ95 42 97 ♣AT932

There are two passes to you.

(C1) Do you bid?

After you, the auction continues 1NT (15-17) on your left, pass, 2C on your right.

(C2) Your call.

(D) Matchpoints, white vs. red

♠42 AQJ73 A8642 ♣3

You open 1H. LHO jumps to 2S (weak). The next two players pass. Up to you.

(E) Matchpoints, white vs. red

♠A86 Q95 T842 ♣984

The opponents bid uncontested (1D - 1H - 1NT [11-14] - 3NT). What's your lead?


Meg said...

(A) In our system, I open 1H. The hand has the playing strength of a strong club opener... but only if we have a fit. So 1H it is, but I encourage strongly to game/slam over partner's support. Playing regular 2/1, 1C is my bid, and in this auction, I like a 4D splinter over 1H. It's just 10 HCP, but it's also just 4 losers. Definitely a game force when we have a fit, and I'm certainly interested in slam.

(B) Partner's not coming in without something interesting at these colors. I think an encouraging 3H is right, but I am a little concerned about duplicated values and lots of heart losers.

(C1) If I am bidding here, it's 2C, but I don't like that option. I'm sitting this one out.

(C2) I think a lead-directing double is in order here. I definitely want pard to lead a black suit, and I fear there's a better than 50% chance he'll lead a red suit if I don't suggest otherwise.

(D) Double. Pulling 3C to 3D. Pretty sure this doesn't show anything more than I've got.

(E) Spade 6 seems like the least unappealing of 13 unappealing choices. Playing attitude leads, pard won't necessarily expect length here, so I don't expect to block the suit.

Becker said...

A-i kind of like a 1 heart opening as well, but can't argue too much with 1 club considering. problem is that now we have to overstate our hand in some way since we can't stop short of game. i guess i like 4 clubs best...lying about strength again, but extra distribution.
B-ya, i like 3 hearts also...even slam is possible if lho has a bad heart raise and opener is weak...all partner needs is Axxxx x KQTx Axx. if partner bids 3 spades...i guess it's a style question but at these colors i'd guess to bid game with any of my regular partners.
C-would open 1 spade if in the mood...would double 2 clubs, especially if i had opened 1 spade.
D-i think i'd let them play though that may sound pretty wimpy.
E-i like the 9 of clubs at any form of the game partly because partner had a chance to overcall a spade. especially at matchpoints i'm nervous about any other lead costing us a trick.

Noble Shore said...

(A) 4d, would be nice to be playing that 3d shows an invitational or very strong splinter so that this isn't the strongest bid available

(B) 3h, worth a limit raise

(C1) pass

(C2) pass

(D) Dbl, converting 3c to 3d doesnt show extras

(E) spade

lance said...

A) (yes, i open 1C) 4D and reluctantly accepting a 4H signoff, since further cuebids could get us too high opposite the wrong hand.

B) 3S on values and since i intend to bid it over the sure balance that's brewing on my left

C1) yes.
C2) assuming i opened 1S, double.

D) double and converting 3C to 3D.

E) S6.