Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to it

The Bermuda Regional starts tomorrow, and I'm red-eyeing it out tonight. This tournament is always the best one on the ACBL's schedule. The local organizers work with the country's tourism department to create a wonderful experience. I'll give you all the details next week (if I can find an internet connection).

To hold you over, here's a couple of matchpoint problems:

(A) Red vs. white

♠ Q2 ♥A3 ♦KQJ5 ♣AT753

Partner, in first chair, opens 1C, and RHO bounces to 5S! What's your call?

(B) All white

♠ K ♥AKJT96 ♦JT973 ♣T

LHO opens 3C and RHO lifts to 5C. D0 you bid?


Memphis MOJO said...

GL at the tournament.

1. 6c, maybe you're supposed to double, but there's too good a chance we can make slam.

2. 5H, wow, they sure are pushing me around. Let's keep this a secret, okay?

Meg said...

(A) An opponent who confidently preempts at the 5L at his first opportunity is probably holding a hand that can handle my double. Therefore, I bid 6C. If we have the agreement that a NT bid shows the minors here, then that's my call, but I think it would tend to show hearts and a minor, so 6C seems like the safe way out. Pard doesn't need much for us to have a grand, though. 5S is a bitch of a bid.

(B) Tempting, but no. 5C could be preemptive or real values, and I have too many losers for the 5L all on my own. I feel like there's a good chance the opps will give me my stiff spade on defense...might even score my ruff. I'm content to defend with this hand.

RoboJenny said...

(A) Double. This may be wrong, but this is my personal rule that seems to have worked out for me. If when my partner opened and I thought "definitely a chance of slam. If not, it'll be an easily makable game", then I double when they force me to choose between slam and double, no matter the vul. If I thought "definitely some slam, but which one" then I bid over double.

(B) I'll be a novice this hand and recite to myself "6-5, come alive" and bid 5H.

Noble said...

1. 6c, close. The deciding factor for me here is that they might bid 6s over it. I generally disagree with taking the push like this.

2. 5h, since we might make, or they might.

lance said...

1. 6c, i seriously doubt we can get 5SX for 800. given that, seems mandatory at matchpoints since 5S will not be a field call.

2. 5H. feel much less strongly than above.

Angel17 said...

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