Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tuesday Open Pairs

We played the Open Pairs on Tuesday afternoon at the Virginia Beach Regional. (We skipped the evening session for celebratory reasons.) Here's a few problems we faced:

(A) All white


There are two passes to you. You open 1D (do you?), LHO passes, partner bids 1S, and RHO doubles. A redouble would be support. It's your call.

(B) All red


LHO opens 1C, pard overcalls 1S, and RHO doubles. You're up. (You do have a fit-showing jump of 3D available if you want it.)

(C) Red vs. white


You're first to speak. What's your bidding plan?

(D) All red


Partner's first up. Here's the auction:

--- P (1C) P;
(1S) X (2S) ?

What's your call?


McKenzie said...

(A) Meg held this hand, and gave a support double. I actually advocate a pass here... I don't want to give any encouragement to partner with this sub-minimum. I do think it's very close, though.

(B) Meg made the fit-jump of 3D. I bid 3S and (mis)played it there. She really should've bumped me up to 4 so I would pay more attention to the play! (I would've bid 4C [splinter].)

(C) I decided to open 2C and rebid 2NT. Pard transferred to spades and I leapt to 4S. She keycarded to a great slam.

(D) Meg passed, fearing the vulnerability. Our old friend the Law of Total Tricks says to bid here, and on this hand it's right -- both 2S and 3H are makers.

Unknown said...


A - pass. I agree that it's close
B - I chose 4 spades. I don't see slam, I don't want to play in less than a game, and I don't want to leave room for a 4 heart bid.
C - 2C, but not sure what next.
D - pass

By the way, as a learning player, I really enjoy this type of post - I love playing along, and seeing where my bidding differs from better players. Thanks for sharing these.

Noble said...

(A1) I'd open 1c

(A2) XX
If the hand was good enough to open, it's good enough to bid honestly.

(B) 4c
Making it clear that we have a slam try and creating a forcing auction

(C) 2c then 2NT

(D) 3h
I would do this at IMPs too.

Noble said...

I wouldn't open (A) red FWIW