Tuesday, November 11, 2008


In yesterday's post, I posed two questions.

In question one, I asked if Qx AKTx Txxx Qxx should be Stayman or not, and a spade stopper or not, in the auction 1NT (2S - spades and a minor). I decided to call it Stayman with a stopper. Partner held five hearts and wrapped up the game. The opponents got to 3NT at the other table, which should have gone down but did not.

In question two, the opening lead problem, in which my LHO had overcalled a Landy (both majors) two clubs, partner forced to game, and RHO bid up to 5C on his eight-bagger, I led a high spade.

Apparently, none of our correspondents, just like none of the players at the table, realized that I led out of turn! Their 8-0 fit was supposed to be played from the void side...

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