Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thursday A/X Swiss, second session: Virginia Beach

At halftime, we had 56 Victory Points on a 40 average.

I didn't keep as extensive a record as in the first half-- I apologize!

Match 5: We played another team of unknowns.

On the first board out, I held

(A) All white


The auction goes (2H) P (3H) to you. What's your bid?

Then I held

(B) All red


In second seat, I passed. Does anyone agree with me here? My LHO opened 1S, and this got passed around to me. What should my call be?

Final score: 11-3; 14 VPs. Total: 70

In match six, we played against ACBL Hall of Famer Fred Hamilton and his sponsor. My big decision in this match came on this board:

(C) Red vs. white


LHO [sponsor] opened 1D, pard doubled, and RHO passed. What to

Final score: 17-1, 4 VPs. Total: 74

In match seven, things didn't get any easier... fellow HoFer, five-time Bermuda Bowl champion, and fifteen-time National champion Billy Eisenberg was at our table.

(D) All white


In fourth chair, I opened 1H. Partner made a Druryish 2D bid (3+ card support, limit raise). Should I sign off in 2H or continue on?

(E) All red


Here's another one of those second-seat passes that nobody will agree with. Bear with me.

In fourth seat, partner opens 1S. You bid 2C (natural!), pard rebids 2S, and you bid 2NT [do you?]. Pard now bids 3H, which gets doubled on your right. What's your call?

Final score: 24-14, 14 VPs. Total: 88

Going in to the last match, we had a chance to win. The Hamilton team was leading the event with 95 VPs, but if we had a big win and them a small one, or us a medium win and them a loss, we'd be there.

Surprisingly, in match eight, we met another team of unknowns. Still, to be in the hunt this late, they had to be strong...

(F) White vs. red


Partner opens 1D, and rebids 2D over your 1S. Your call.

We had a solid set, but our teammates had the best set of the week!

Final score: 36-0, 20 VPs. Final total: 108 VPs out of 160.

We rushed to the scorers' table only to find out that Hamilton had squeaked out a medium win -- and 109 VPs. Nuts! Second place in a tough event like that was very nice, but one or two more victory points wouldn't have been that tough to find...


McKenzie said...

(A) I overcalled only 4D. Now I think 5D is right. We missed a laydown 6D, but so did the opponents.

(B) I passed them out in 1S, and went +200. Sadly, we had 600 available to us in 3NT! Amazingly, this was also a push.

(C) I jumped to 3NT. I would pass at any other vulnerability, but at unfavorable, I thought I had to push to game. I was only down four, for lose 5.

(D) I made an artificial game try of 2S (denies a short-suit game try). Pard showed stuff in clubs and I pounced to game, making four. Lose one!

(E) I thought that the queen of hearts was enough help in that suit to bid 3NT. Pard had Ax of clubs, and if they were anything but 5-1, I would've made 3... lose 13 to the 4S at the other table.

(F) I pushed a bit and rebid an invitational 2NT. Pard should have some stuff in hearts, right? I got lifted to 3 and made it for win 6.

Noble said...

(A) 4d
What else could you possibly do? Usually for an outright game bid you only need partner to put down 1 good card to make it.

(B1) Disagree with pass, aces are good cards.

(B2) This is why you don't pass! As much as I hate it, I would bid 1NT because I can't stand the thought of missing a red game. At MPs I'd pass.

(C) 3NT. The diamonds aren't good enough to defend at unfavorable.

(D) 4h
This could make opposite as little as Qx Axx xxxx xxxx

(E) pass
My hand is more known than partner's is here. If partner redoubles then I'll bid 3NT.

(F) 3d
Again, aces are good cards. Also the clubs could be a trick source.