Thursday, June 4, 2009


At all white at teams, you hold

AKQT862 5 AQT8 5

and RHO opens 2S! What's your bid?

If you pass, everyone else does too. What's your lead?


Paul Gipson said...

Hard to see any sensible alternative to pass, especially as 4♠ will be conventional.

I lead the ♠A. It gives away the trump position but lets me look at dummy before committing to another suit.

Kevin said...

Pass seems to be the best alternative; if partner has the type of hand that would fit with yours to make 6D or 6NT then pard will find a bid.

I expect trumps are 7 - 6, and it doesn't seem to hurt anything to lead the A, just to have a better idea of which singleton to shift to at Trick 2. Partner's discard should prove quite informative.

What happened at your table?

Memphis MOJO said...

Pass and lead the ace of diamonds.

Noble said...

Pass and lead a club.

Michael said...

double, then rebid 4S. The only way to expose what looks an awful lot like a psych. If not 4S still has play with minimal help from partner.

If I pass, and it floats, I'll probably also lead a high trump.

Paul Gipson said...

Time for the answer!

Angel17 said...

Thanks for sharing this post. So cool!