Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick bidding problem from the Sarasota Regional

Via Robert Todd:

♥ none
♦ KJ7
♣ KJ753

All white at matchpoints, your partner opens 1C. RHO pops to 2H; you bid 2S. LHO jumps to 4H, which gets passed back to you.

(A) What's your call?

(B) LHO makes the cheapest heart bid (up to 6H) over your bid. Partner and RHO pass this too. Now what's your call?


Unknown said...

(a) 5C; I'm aceless.
(b) pass, I'm aceless.

Michael said...

(A) 5C
- I'm hoping opps will either bid 5H or partner will bid 5S, or both.

(B) X
- certainly, there's a chance that EW have a freakish hand and are going to make it, but failing to X feels like I'm guaranteeing a bottom.

Unknown said...

I agree with the 5C/Dbl plan, partner's pass over 5H should be forcing. Of course, if I'm CERTAIN that the opps will bid out to 6H, I'll double that instead. ;-)

Becker said...

was wondering it it could be right to double on this round, as long as you've discussed the situation with your partner. that could help you reach 4 spades, which could easily be the right matchpoint spot (albeit defending 4hx doesn't sound appetizing). shooting out 6 clubs is possible too--you can hope partner has the right minimum for it to be cold or have a good play with the bluff factor in your back pocket (maybe--wink, wink--they'll sac). i'm just playing devil's advocate since this is an interesting problem--of course 5 clubs is very practical. doubling the next number of hearts seems pretty clear no matter what you decide on this round.

lance said...

a) awfully tempted to gamble out 4S here, using clubs as a 2nd trump suit against a likely tap at trick 1. that being said, i'll weenie out and bid 5C.

b) 5S.

Meg said...

A) I held this hand and bid 5H.

B) Aceless, double has to be right. (But I believe we got to 6S before they could bid 6H at our table.)

Noble said...

(A) 6c
(B) double since I have no aces

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